Surprise Land brings you an October full of gifts!

Surprise Land comes to Arenas this fall! What would you do if we told you that we have a magical space that turns your purchase tickets into prizes and gifts? You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, that’s for sure! So keep reading…

From October 5th to 16th, our Shopping Center will be filled with fantasy and all our visitors will have the chance to win direct prizes and gifts thanks to Surprise Land.

— And how does Surprise Land work? You may be wondering…

To participate, you will only have to present a purchase ticket of €20, or higher, and scan the QR code that you will find there.

Within the magical area of ​​Surprise Land, you will be amazed by everything we have prepared: direct prizes, cotton candy, a carrousel, photocalls for Instagram… In other words — a real fantasy!

The tour begins with a carrousel and a photocall, which you won’t be able (nor want to) avoid posting on Social Media. Can we confirm that you’re going to take a couple of selfies there? We sure can!

We continue with our favorite part: a panel of direct prizes! You will only have to throw a ball and discover the Arenas operator that you got. You already know that our stores and establishments are the best, so imagine the level of the prizes! 😉

And to finish, we are sure that Surprise Land will leave you with the sweeeetest taste in your mouth, because a cotton candy machine awaits you at the exit!

Have an October full of gifts with Surprise Land by Arenas!


Mon-Fri: from 5pm to 9pm
S-Sun: from 11: 30-14: 30 and from 17-21h