The photographic exhibition, “Arenas de Barcelona, ​​History of a Transformation” has returned to the second floor of the shopping center, the same one where Balaña cinemas are located. The retrospective summarizes the transformation that the building has undergone from its inauguration to the present, through an excellent graphic coverage of the construction processes that took place before its metamorphosis.

Images, anecdotes and curiosities are some of the particularities offered by the exhibition. In addition to the photographs, there is a journey through the history of the city itself, which, at various times, was closely linked to the building.

The original building, where the old bullring was housed, was built in 1900. Its architect was Augusto Font i Carreras and it was one of the first distinctive buildings to be seen when arriving in the city. Its neo-Mudejar style and its capacity of 15,000 people made Las Arenas one of the most unique and spacious venues, not only in the area, but also in the city of Barcelona, ​​which in those years had half a million inhabitants.